Hello there…
Sorry for the long delay in blogging. This website was hacked and I just didn’t have time to clean it up until a few days ago. Hopefully you’ll come back regularly and I’ll never have that problem again!

As an update to my last post, the progress with the flood cleanup has been slow but it’s finally starting to come together. So far all of the duct work, the air conditioner, the subfloors, and dry wall have been ripped out and replaced.
Still need some painting, flooring, cabineting, and fixtures and appliances put in but hopefully in another few weeks I’ll be back in the house.
So many friends and family members have been so helpful and gone way out of their way to help me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

As far as music, I’ve been plugging along and picking with some of my favorite bands on the road. Last weekend it was Melonie Cannon, and this weekend I’ll be guesting with the Josh Williams Band at the Sally Mountain Festival in Missouri.
Soon after that, we’re ramping up for Mashville Brigade’s debut trip to Canada that comes later in July. I’ll fill you in on more about that later. Thanks for checking in with me!

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