Hello everyone!
I had taken this page down and linked my page to my Facebook account for a few years. It seemed easier to update folks that way. But as times change and Facebook changes, I thought it might be fun to crank it back up here again.

I’m on the road this summer and fall doing some shows with The Crowe Brothers, as well as several other artists that I’ll mention whenever a show pops up. I’ve also been focusing on managing and producing true-blue Mountain Music legends The Darrell Brothers, and working on some exciting opportunities with those boys.

On top of all of that, I’ve been teaching private lessons both in person and over FaceTime and Skype. I’m really enjoying seeing some of my students grow as musicians, performing, and winning contests all over the country. If you’re interested in improving your skills on the mandolin, send me a message on Facebook.
I’m going to try to get a “contact” page up here ASAP for those of you smart folks that don’t use Facebook.

More videos and media to come! Hopefully I’ll see some of you folks on the road this weekend in Michigan and Georgia with The Crowe Brothers! Check their schedule here.

Cya soon!

Back on land!

Hello everyone! Been a while!

I’ve spent most of 2013 freelancing with several bands, and the last few months singing some Country Music on the high seas!
It’s great to be back home and I have a few exciting irons in the fire.
I just returned from the IBMA Awards in Raleigh, NC where I had a song nominated for Song of the Year. Junior Sisk and Rambler’s Choice did a great job recording “The Story of the Day That I Died” and it spent several months on top of both of the major Bluegrass Charts. We didn’t win “Song of the Year” but it’s been a great ride and was an honor to be nominated with such great writers and musicians.

If you haven’t already, look me up on Facebook and keep up with me. I’ll do my best to post more info here!

Back In Blythe

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been here and also a long time since I’ve posted here!

I’m on the road with Mike and Flamekeeper for the first time in 2012. We flew from Nashville to Phoenix and drove here to Blythe, CA to play at the festival here tomorrow. This is my third time here in this town…I previously performed here with Alecia Nugent and Special C.
Blythe’s a small town, and it’s always funny to me how my travels take me to these same random places quite a bit. There’s a great Bluegrass festival here, so I’m not complaining…just observing!

Every once in awhile I meet people and even if I hear a slight accent, I can usually guess where they’re from. Most people are amazed, some are a little creeped out.
I can usually pull some small town out of my mind and mention that I’ve spent days of my life there and people say “how did you ever wind up there?”
Seeing different places and people is what’s the most interesting to me about this traveling life.
Speaking of which, I’m headed back to one of my favorite places in March…Switzerland! So if I still have any readers from Europe, come see Flamekeeper in a month and a half! I’m excited about getting to return to the mainland of Europe that I got kind of familiar with when I was with Special C.

As far as in town work, I’ve been doing random studio work here and there, and Mashville is still doing some select dates at the Inn. One is coming up this Tuesday (1/24).

Also coming up shortly is the debut of a new Americana/Country Band that I’m thankful to be a part. The members are Deanie Richardson, Brandon Bostic, Austin Ward, Melonie Cannon, Garnet Imes, and myself. We’re kind of “known” as bluegrass players, but this is going to be a little different. Still very rootsy, but leaning towards the country/americana side of things.
We’re called “The Likely Culprits” and our first show is at the Station Inn on Saturday Feb. 11th!
We’ve been practicing quite a bit, and I think it’s going to be something very special!

Ok, time to chill out and relax and get ready for the show tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great new year and a great year to come!


Well once again it’s been a while since I posted an update here. Sorry about that!
It’s been one of busiest summers on the road that I’ve ever worked, which is a good thing! We’ve had a great string of gigs with Flamekeeper…stretching from Rangely, Maine to the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, CA.
If you came to see us out there somewhere, I greatly appreciate it.

We have one more hoorah this weekend before a break off the road until mid-November. Tomorrow we’ll be in Farmer’s Branch, Texas near Dallas and then it will be a marathon drive to southeast Ohio for the Bob Evans Farm Festival on Sunday.

I must admit I’m ready to be back in Nashville to start a few different side projects a little extended R&R!

Speaking of side projects, Mashville Brigade rides again on Oct. 27th at the Station Inn at 9pm, featuring Brandon Rickman, Randy Barnes, Jim Van Cleve, Scott Vestal, and myself (Hi my name’s Ashby). We need a packed house because it’s being filmed by the Music City Roots crew, so come on down!!!

Until next time, check out my Facebook Artist page for more frequent updates!
Thanks for reading.

Washington State!

TPictures from Washington State trip with Alecia Nugent Band:








Starting in July, I will be the new Mandolin Picker/Singer with the four time IBMA Instrumental Group of the Year, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper! Check out the whole story on the Bluegrass Blog here.
I’m going to try and blog more as my travel increases, so everyone keep checking back here!

Please remember to go click LIKE on my Facebook Artist Page here, and check out the band schedule here!

Happy New Year!

Just got back in from the weekend on the road with the Crowe Brothers! Sorry for the lack of posting this year. It’s been a long year for non-musical reasons but all is well now and I look forward to a great 2011!

Mashville Brigade will be at the Station Inn twice this month of January, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Come check us out!


Hello all…

Leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to Northern Ireland with Dale Ann Bradley! We’ll be playing at the Ulster American Folk Park this weekend. Looking forward to it!

Also, everyone be sure and pick up a copy of the new Lonesome River Band album “Still Learning” that was released on Rural Rhythm a few weeks ago. The guys selected one of my tunes to record and the cut sounds great!

A few things are in the work for Mashville for next year, so I’ll be sure and update soon.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Mashville on the road!

This weekend Mashville Brigade is on the road up north in the Edmonton, Alberta area! Already having a blast, and we’re just one set in to our three day run here at the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival. Great festival with the likes of Dailey and Vincent, Rhonda Vincent, Claire Lynch, and The Gibson Brothers.

Tomorrow we’ll also be picking over at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, one of the largest Country Music festivals in Canada. We open, Keith Urban closes!

I’ll be back in the States and picking with The Crowe Brothers in Hopedale, Ohio next weekend. Come see us!


Hello there…
Sorry for the long delay in blogging. This website was hacked and I just didn’t have time to clean it up until a few days ago. Hopefully you’ll come back regularly and I’ll never have that problem again!

As an update to my last post, the progress with the flood cleanup has been slow but it’s finally starting to come together. So far all of the duct work, the air conditioner, the subfloors, and dry wall have been ripped out and replaced.
Still need some painting, flooring, cabineting, and fixtures and appliances put in but hopefully in another few weeks I’ll be back in the house.
So many friends and family members have been so helpful and gone way out of their way to help me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

As far as music, I’ve been plugging along and picking with some of my favorite bands on the road. Last weekend it was Melonie Cannon, and this weekend I’ll be guesting with the Josh Williams Band at the Sally Mountain Festival in Missouri.
Soon after that, we’re ramping up for Mashville Brigade’s debut trip to Canada that comes later in July. I’ll fill you in on more about that later. Thanks for checking in with me!